“The Doll 3”: Never summon the spirits into toys

"The Doll 3": Never summon the spirits into toys

All good things come in threes. The Indonesian horror saga The Doll is a popular one in the Asian country and this month the third entry in the franchise is going to see the light.

In the movie, after her parents died in an accident, Tara only had Gian, her younger brother, who was traumatized by the accident and committed suicide. Tara is depressed and withdraws from her surroundings, and her relationship with Aryan, her fiancĂ©, strains, and their wedding plans are delayed. Tara wants Gian back alive. She asks a shaman to summon Gian’s spirit until finally, his spirit lives in her doll named Bobby, who can move like a human. Tara is very happy, and she is back in the spirit to organize her life. Her relationship with Aryan and Mikha, Aryan’s daughter, improves. They are back to preparing for their wedding. Gian (in Bobby doll), who is always sweet to Tara, apparently doesn’t like Aryan and Mikha. He tried to harm them almost to death. Gian is afraid that Tara will leave him after marrying Aryan and becoming Mikha’s mother. Gian is getting out of control because anyone who committed suicide will never be the same if his soul is summoned back to this world. Gian was already affected by the negative energy of the realm of the dead. Rere, Tara’s best friend, contacts Mrs. Laras and Mr. Raynard, two psychics who explain how to stop Gian.

As with The Doll (2016) and The Doll 2 (2017), The Doll 3 (2022) has been directed by Rocky Soraya, based on a story written by him, and with Riheam Junianti in charge of the screenplay.

Jessica Mila, Winky Wiryawan, Masayu Anastasia, Sara Wijayanto, Jeremy Thomas, Montserrat Gizelle, and Muhammad Zidane form the main cast.

The Doll 3 (2022) is coming out in Indonesia on May 26, 2022. We will have to wait for information about the international release dates.

Watch here the trailer for The Doll 3 (2022).