The renovation of an old farmhouse goes wrong in “Concrete Plans”

The renovation of an old farmhouse goes wrong in "Concrete Plans"

When we think of horror movies we tend to think of the perils and destruction that can be caused by supernatural entities, gruesome monsters, creatures from outside of our planet, or deranged mad people with murderous plans. But we forget that the inner self of mankind is already rotten enough, and, sometimes, we don’t need anything fantastic or unreal to open wide the gates of hell. Think of Green Room (2015), of how a punk rock concert becomes the biggest of the nightmares, just to name a recent notorious one.

Concrete Plans (2020) centers on a disparate and rugged crew of builders who has been gathered to renovate an opulent mansion belonging to the last heir of a once-wealthy military family. The crewmen are each at their wit’s end – broke, living in squalor, and facing their own personal demons. So when it’s discovered that their employer plans to cheat them out of what might be their last chance at making ends finally meet, tensions begin to rise to a fever pitch. Soon one by one the men snap, turning first on their boss and then on each other, leading to an explosion of violence that will reveal their darkest motives and ensure that none of them will return home the same, if they return home at all.

The movie is the debut feature film of writer and director Will Jewell, after the music documentary South Coast (2008) and some TV work and short films. The main cast is formed by Goran Bogdan, Kevin Guthrie, Chris Reilly, Amber Rose Revah, Charley Palmer Rothwell, Steve Speirs, William Thomas, and James Lance. It features a score by Paul Hartnoll of the legendary electronic band Orbital.

Concrete Plans (2020) is arriving on VOD and Digital March 5th via Dark Sky Films. Here you can watch its official trailer.

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