The second season of “Welcome to the Blumhouse” starts this October

The second season of "Welcome to the Blumhouse" starts this October

After the success of the first season of Welcome to the Blumhouse, the series of 4 feature films produced by Blumhouse Productions and Amazon Studios, the big entertainment companies have joined forces again for a new set of movies. The first two ones will come out on October 1, 2021, while the next two will see the light a week after, on October 8, 2021.

The first movie to come out will be Bingo Hell (2021). In it, in the Barrio of Oak Springs live a strong and stubborn group of elderly friends who refuse to be gentrified. Their leader, Lupita, keeps them together as a community, a family. But little did they know, their beloved Bingo hall is about to be sold to a much more powerful force than money itself.

The movie is the first feature film of awards-winner Gigi Saul Guerrero after a big amount of short films, being behind the TV series Choose Your Victim (2012–) and La Quinceañera (2017–2018), and having directed the segments Día de Los Muertos in México Bárbaro (2014), M is for Matador in ABCs of Death 2.5 (2016), and Madre De Dios in Bloody Bits: Shorts Compilation Vol. 2 (2018). A career dedicated to the horror genre that gave her the nickname “La Muñeca Del Terror”. She’s also co-writer of Bingo Hell (2021) together with Shane McKenzie and Perry Blackshear.

Richard Brake, known for Doom (2005), Hannibal Rising (2007), and 3 from Hell (2019) amongst many other horror films, plays the main role in the movie. Together with him, L. Scott Caldwell, Bertila Damas, Adriana Barraza, Joshua Caleb Johnson, David Jensen, Clayton Landey, Grover Coulson, and Kelly Murtagh also star.

Black as Night (2021) is the next title in the series. It centers on a teenage girl with self-esteem issues who finds confidence in the most unlikely way, by spending her summer battling vampires that prey on New Orleans’ disenfranchised with the help of her best friend, the boy she’s always pined for, and a peculiar rich girl.

Maritte Lee Go, director of the segment Vehophobia in anthology horror film Phobias (2021), has been behind the cameras marking her solo debut feature film. Sherman Payne, one of the writers of the Scream (2015–2019) TV series, is the author of the screenplay.

Black as Night (2021) is starred by Keith David, known for the essential John Carpenter films The Thing (1982) and They Live (1988). Asjha Cooper, Fabrizio Guido, Abbie Gayle, Craig Tate, and Kenneisha Thompson complete the main cast.

Madres (2021) is the story about a Mexican-American couple expecting their first child who relocates to a migrant farming community in 1970’s California. When the wife begins to experience strange symptoms and terrifying visions, she tries to determine if it’s related to a legendary curse or something more nefarious.

Ryan Zaragoza, winner of a Best Short Film award with Bebé (2017), debuts with a feature film with Madres (2021). Mario Miscione and Marcella Ochoa, the writers and producers of the horror thriller Discarnate (2018), are behind the screenplay.

Elpidia Carrillo, who will always remember as the female survivor in the original cult classic Predator (1987), heads the main cast. Tenoch Huerta, Kerry Cahill, Ariana Guerra, and Jennifer Patino also star.

Finally, The Manor (2021) tells the story of Judith Albright, who after suffering a stroke moves into a historic nursing home where she begins to suspect something supernatural is preying on the residents. In order to escape, she’ll need to convince everyone around her that she doesn’t actually belong there after all.

The movie has been written and directed by Axelle Carolyn. She has also been behind of horror and mystery Soulmate (2013), and the segment Grim Grinning Ghost in Tales of Halloween (2015), as well as having supporting roles in Doomsday (2008), Centurion (2010), Psychosis (2010), Blood + Roses (2010), and Don’t Kill It (2016).

Barbara Hershey, a veteran actress who has starred in Boxcar Bertha (1972), The Entity (1982), The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), Falling Down (1993), and the Insidious saga, is the star of the film. Bruce Davison, Ciera Payton, Stacey Travis, Jill Larson, and Ashley Platz complete the main cast.

Bingo Hell (2021) will have its premiere at Fantastic Fest in September 2021. It will later come out on Amazon Prime Video on October 1, 2021, together with Black as Night (2021). And a week after, on October 8, 2021, Madres (2021) and The Manor (2021) will premier on the streaming platform. Here you can watch the official trailer for the second series of Welcome to the Blumhouse.