Time as we know it bends for this couple in the SciFi horror “Brightwood”

Time as we know it bends for this couple in the SciFi horror "Brightwood"

The horror and science-fiction thriller Brightwood (2022) was one of the most refreshing surprises for the independent film festivals season next year, and it finally comes to home cinema this week. Described as a hybrid between Timecrimes (2007) and Coherence (2013), two essential films in the time-bending subgenre, the movie tells the story of a couple who finds themselves trapped in a bizarre time-loop while on a run around a pond.

Brightwood (2022) centers on Jen and Dan, whose marriage is on the rocks with Jen seriously thinking about ending it for good. But when the pair go on a jog around a local pond in an attempt to hash things out, they find themselves running in circles as the exit trail vanishes and they repeatedly return to the same spot. Being stuck together in an endless loop would be bad enough, but when a silent hooded killer appears and starts tracking them down, the couple must figure out how to survive — together or apart.

This is the debut feature film of the writer, producer, and director Dane Elcar, who has also taken care of the cinematography and editing duties. It is based on his awards-winner short film The Pond (2018). Dana Berger and Max Woertendyke are the actors in the film.

Brightwood (2022) has currently a 100% positive rate at Rotten Tomatoes with 9 reviews praising the rich and freshness of the story. Mary Beth McAndrews from Dread Central says “Brightwood (2022) is a surprising piece of sci-fi horror that genre lovers need to keep on their radar”.

The movie had its premiere at Cine-Excess on October 23, 2022, and has been part of Other Worlds Film Festival, Another Hole in the Head, HorrorHound Film Festival, Panic Fest, Salem Horror Fest, Horrorant Film Festival, and Big Apple Film Festival.

Cinephobia Releasing has the distribution rights and is releasing the movie on DVD and digital platforms like Amazon Prime Video on August 22, 2023. Watch the official trailer for Brightwood (2022).