Attachment (2022)

Attachment (2022) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Attachment
Year: 2022
Country: Denmark
Director: Gabriel Bier Gislason
Main cast: Josephine Park, Ellie Kendrick, Sofie Gråbøl, David Dencik
Runtime: 105 minutes
Production company: Nordisk Film Production, Shudder (streaming)


Attachment (2022) is one of those nice surprises that you can find in the Shudder catalog. A movie with a high simplicity but that is intense and stays in your head for a few days after watching. A movie that works well as a romantic comedy but soon takes a creepy tone that won’t leave until the final credits roll.

The movie starts straight to the point, and within the first 2 minutes the two main characters already accidentally met and fell in love. A frustrated actress and a Jewish heritage woman visiting Denmark to catch up with her mother’s roots find themselves living an unexpected romance fairy tale. And I must say as a romantic comedy Attachment (2022) already worked very well, with a few smart dialogs, perfectly calculated camera angles, and a sublime direction that make the audience be able to feel like part of the magic those two women are experiencing. We’ve all fallen in love at least once or twice in our lives, so we can relate to the happenings on the screen and have the butterflies as the characters did. Very tender and romantic moments to enjoy. And this is being said by a guy who is in a moment of his life he only wants to listen to loud fast music and watch violent cruel movies, but the filming in Attachment (2022) is so sublime and the story flows in such a tender and natural way that I couldn’t help to enjoy it almost as much as the two women did.

But then things take a dark twist. Leah has a mysterious leg injury and must move back to London with her mother. To that, Maja decides to follow. So the two girls will live in the room upstairs at the mother’s place. That mother, a woman that hides many secrets and is attached to a very religious and mystical background.

Perhaps the film length of 105 minutes is a little bit too much since at moments the movie gets stuck in its own contemplation with events happening too slowly. But, yet, the story and the filming are powerful, and the performances of the three main actresses –Josephine Park playing Maja, a woman who left her miserable life to follow her new love, Ellie Kendrick (who can be seen in some episodes of the Game of Thrones (2011–2019) and Misfits (2009–2013) TV series) as Leah, who still seems to be pure at heart even though her injury and the weird things happening around her, and the mother played by Sofie Gråbøl (BAFTA TV Award winner for her role in Danish crime series Forbrydelsen (2007–2012)) acting like a person you should never trust with very dark intentions– keep the story alive. And when the climax starts and shit goes really intense, one can realize this is a special movie one can be glad to have found.

Gabriel Bier Gislason, the writer and director debuting with Attachment (2022), has done a great job building this powerful story with merely only 4 main actors and very few locations. It never feels claustrophobic to watch because most of the events happening can feel ordinary for many of us, although a strange fearful aura is surrounding most of the running time.

This is not a silly horror comedy, since all the comedic moments are brought by the characters interacting with each other in the most natural way like ordinary people would do. This is not a witchcraft movie although, we are suspecting for most of the running time that something supernatural is going on. This is not a social movie, although we can easily see the cultural crashes and interactions between people from different backgrounds. But all of those are ingredients that form Attachment (2022) as it is, a strong movie, as tense as natural, but with a dark twist. A recommended watch.

RATE: 7/10