Surrogate (2022)

Surrogate (2022) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Surrogate
Year: 2022
Country: Australia
Director: David Willing
Main cast: Kestie Morassi, Jane Badler, Taysha Farrugia, Louise Siversen, Darcy Kent
Runtime: 91 minutes
Production company: Black Spade Productions, King Chester Productions


In the press note for the horror film Surrogate (2022), the co-writer and director of the film, David Willing, explains how his favorite films are Ring (2002), The Others (2001), and The Exorcist (1973), and how they influenced him for the creator of his debut feature film. And that sounds pretty accurate because if one had to describe a film like Surrogate (2022) it would be quite illustrative to use those three iconic titles as a reference.

Still, Surrogate (2022) is a movie that stands on its own. Perhaps not the most original story, we’ve seen already a zillion films about evil spirits possessing houses or little girls, but here the treatment is very personal. The movie has its own strength. Some parts of the story are very intelligent and original, and through the entire running time, it is trying to avoid quite successfully indulging in cliches and to fall into monotony.

Surrogate (2022) is a very dark film. It’s a movie that tries not to fool anyone. The main story is the center of the game, and nothing takes the attention away from the spectator. Kestie Morassi makes a great job carrying the weight of the action on her shoulders as a single mother who is seeing how her family and mental health is collapsing when some paranormal events are happening in her household. Hers is a character very well built, that with very few lines and interactions one can have an idea of her background and her strength, and when she is running out of all reasonable options she still keeps her feet on the ground opening her mind to other more supernatural explanations.

In the visual aspects, the movie stays away from any bogus spectacularity to remain as sober and realistic as possible. The dark scenarios that predominate the entire movie feel always real, and that adds an extra sensation of fear. Everything and everybody look daily, regular people living their regular lives but suddenly being immersed in a reality full of inexplicable events that are driving them into destruction.

David Willing has built a very solid debut that only anticipates a promising career in horror. The man has a hand for that, and that’s been proved. The story is well founded, with little surprises, and his cast, both in the main and supporting roles, carry on with their duties without a flaw. The tension is perceptible from its start until the final moments, becoming a scary and attractive ride.

Surrogate (2022) is as simple as effective, a horror movie in the most classic meaning of the word, that will surely satisfy the fans of the genre. Bordering perfection, without a doubt one of the best titles in the genre of the year. Perhaps it won’t be on the list of the most popular ones, this is not a movie to outstand due to its spectacularity, but as a truly competent horror film, it has a very little number of rivals.

RATE: 7/10