Dinosaur Hotel (2021)

Dinosaur Hotel (2021) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Dinosaur Hotel
Year: 2021
Country: UK
Director: Jack Peter Mundy
Main cast: Chrissie Wunna, Chelsea Greenwood, Sofia Lacey, Nicole Nabi, Kate Sandison
Runtime: 77 minutes
Production company: Jagged Edge Productions


Are you into bad acting, bad stories, bad direction, and bad CGI but still funny? Then Dinosaur Hotel (2021) could be the right movie for you. Because somebody thought to mix escape room style movies with Jurassic Park (1993) was a good idea.

The idea for the movie is simple. Some unknown organization that is assumed to have very wealthy viewers as their clients set up a contest where a group of females must survive one night in a hotel in the outskirts. The only way to get away from the premises before the time is done is when you die. And around the building, they can find a set of traps (I don’t remember to have seen any, but ok) and weapons. Oh, and dinosaurs, of course. Hungry dinosaurs that nobody cared to explain what the hell they are doing there.

The star of the movie is Chrissie Wunna, who recently has been working in a shit load of Z-movies of these sorts, so I guess we’ll see her around more often. She plays Sienna Woods, a widowed mother of two kids struggling with money issues that has the bright idea of bringing her little offsprings to that contest she didn’t even remember to have been applied to. That sets the level of the eloquence of the movie, since all the decisions taken by all the characters, friends or foes, heroes or villains, seem to outstand as the worst possible taken.

The acting, in general, is very bad, although Chrissie Wunna seems to be taking her role of the suffering strong mother so serious that her overacting gets at times comical. A special mention to the little boy playing her son, a kid that seems to be having the best time of his life. Every time he has screen seconds you can’t help but have a smile on your face. Is that boy so cute? Not really, but it was so awfully bad that it was hilarious.

Dinosaur Hotel (2021) is not scary, is extremely predictable, and the situations are bordering on total silliness. Still, thanks to its short running time a little above the hour it never gets to be too tedious or painful. It is an enjoyable flick if you know what you are doing. Zero pretensions, but another very low-budget monsters survival film for your collection. Mildly entertaining and highly forgettable.

RATE: 3/10

IMDB URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt13296032