Double Walker (2021)

Double Walker (2021) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Double Walker
Year: 2021
Country: USA
Director: Colin West
Main cast: Sylvie Mix, Justin Rose, Quinn Armstrong, Jacob Rice, Maika Carter, Joseph Moreland
Runtime: 71 minutes
Production company: Sub_Sequential Pictures, Cranked Up Films


I think the biggest problem of Double Walker (2021) is that the filmmakers found themselves with a great idea of a movie but they didn’t know how to proceed to give it a form. Like if they didn’t trust in their potential. Because since the very first second the movie is intriguing and attractive, but one has the feeling that it never takes off. But I don’t want to be unfair, because the direction they took turned into a simplistic and cold enjoyable journey.

From the first seconds of the movie, one can see that this film is going to be beautifully filmed and the tone is going to be minimalistic. And that accompanies the entire running time, it never disappoints in those terms. And the story is also a great trump card: A dead young girl must make a decision, to live on Earth one last day so she could make her amends, or to remain forever as a ghost that only the sinners and the believers can see. And she chooses the latter. She does it so she can take revenge on the men that caused pain to her and other helpless ones, like a vengeful deadly guardian angel.

Most of the time, having high expectations that won’t materialize in a film is more the fault of the audience than the film itself. Because Double Walker (2021) has always been presented as an introspective and beautiful independent film, and that is accomplished without a doubt. The filmmakers have built a solid film. Written by Sylvie Mix, the protagonist incarnating the vengeful ghost, and the director Colin West, the duo manages to imprint an attractive personality to the film. Sylvie Mix’s performance is eerie and distant as a real ghost should be, and she gets constantly wrapped up by the fitting images and frames taken by her partner in crime Colin West. The rest of the characters in the film are secondary but efficiently performed by the actors. So we are dealing with a tight work of filmmaking.

Far from the dumb silliness of cheesy fantasy-romance Ghost (1990), and also taking distance from the Wim Wenders’ masterpiece Wings of Desire (1987), Double Walker (2021) delivers an intimate walk on the other side of our plane. It is a film closer to fantasy and drama than horror and crime, but it doesn’t hesitate when it’s the time to get messy. Available on AppleTV and other digital services on November 12, 2021, Double Walker (2021) is a good example of independent cinema and beautiful cinematography. And although I was a little disappointed because I thought the story could have delivered much more than it actually does, the film is well built and can become an enjoyable watch.

RATE: 6/10