Glorious (2022)

Glorious (2022) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Glorious
Year: 2022
Country: USA
Director: Rebekah McKendry
Main cast: Ryan Kwanten, J.K. Simmons, Tordy Clark, Sylvia Grace Crim, André Lamar
Runtime: 79 minutes
Production company: AMP International, FallBack Plan Productions, Eyevox Entertainment, Citizen Skull Production, Shudder (streaming)


It is possible that Glorious (2022) is on the list of the most bizarre titles of the season. Its setup is already strange enough, being mostly the entire movie happening with the character Wes, played by Ryan Kwanten, keeping a conversation with a voice played by J.K. Simmons while locked in the nasty restrooms of a rest area lost in the middle of nowhere. To that, let’s add a Lovecraftian background with Ghatanothoa, The Dark God, and descendant of the legendary mighty Cthulhu. Intriguing as fuck, isn’t it?

Due to its minimal setup, the movie might be a little dull at some points. Mostly all the characters do is chat, talking about a sacrifice that must be done in order to save the universe. Information about what is going on is coming in small doses here, so it is normal that the viewer gets lost until the whole package gets revealed at the end of the film. Yes, it could be a little bit desperate at parts, but when the ride is over the final sensation is that this was one special movie to watch.

The director Rebekah McKendry, whose biggest hit until the moment was the independent horror All the Creatures Were Stirring (2018), does here a big display of craft juggling with the story written by Todd Rigney, David Ian McKendry, and Joshua Hull. Visually, she brings those purple tones so characteristic in the H. P. Lovecraft film adaptations or inspirations like From Beyond (1986), Color Out of Space (2019), and even Event Horizon (1997). All of it is drenched with generous blood and some splatter moments that help to keep the attention to the film alive. Based on the nature of its composition is so much based on the dialogs between the characters, Glorious (2022) might seem to be closer to a theater play than a motion picture, but the director still uses all the tools she has in hand to build a visually astonishing film.

The movie might feel like a puzzle because of its deviant narrative, but the story is pretty simple. Still, it has a few unexpected plot twists that spice up the satisfaction the viewer gets when what is going on is finally revealed. And because of its short running time, one can easily have the desire to watch it again sometime soon, maybe alone, or maybe to share it with some acquaintances to enhance the experience.

If the people from Shudder want to build a catalog full of memorable horror titles, both classic and oldies but also new releases, Glorious (2022) is a perfect addition to it. A movie with a big personality of its own, visually attractive, and that becomes a delicious candy for the brain of the fans of horror, fantasy, and Lovecraftian stories. A very recommendable watch.

RATE: 6/10