Killer High (2018)

Killer High (2018) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Killer High
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Director: Jem Garrard
Main cast: Kacey Rohl, Humberly González, Asha Bromfield, Varun Saranga
Runtime: 87 minutes
Production company: Blue Ice Pictures


Killer High (2018) is a horror-comedy TV-movie for SYFY with a plot that might not be the most original out there and some implausible situations. But that doesn’t mean it is not an enjoyable one. In fact, I think the filmmakers here did a great job, focusing on creating a bunch of loveable characters with well-administered chemistry, and on a running pace intense but not exhausting, making the story go fluid.

The director Jem Garrard has a long experience on TV being the creator of another SYFY product, Vagrant Queen (2020) TV series, so she can feel comfortable in the media. And the writer Suzanne Keilly, who has been also the writer of screenplays for several horror productions as Ash vs Evil Dead (2015–2018), Light as a Feather (2018– ), and Warrior Nun (2020– ) horror and fantasy TV series, and another SIFY film Leprechaun Returns (2018), has enough experience to imprint an already personal touch that combines gory situations with a smart dosage of comedy. Two female creators for a product with a green light to be the queens of the playground, everybody is playing their game.

The story for Killer High (2018) is silly since its inception. A high school reunion turns deadly when the school’s cursed mascot comes back to life. After 10 years, the rivalry between the Prom Queen and the head of the cheerleaders is still there. One has been obsessed with this reunion up to sickliness level, while the other managed to harvest a successful life. And now they will have to join forces because it seems that the fucking warthog mascot of the school is alive, monstrous, and bloodthirsty.

Killer High (2018) is, since its conception until it’s watched, a product for entertainment, to spend a good time. Don’t wait for anything else. The actors do a very good job, the screenplay is smart for the silly the whole movie is, and the direction and editing are designed to catch your interest for less than an hour and a half, but not much more than that. Some mild thrilling situations, a generous dosage of gore, and lots of silliness. So, what else do we want? It’s a very enjoyable movie, but not the disposable kind. You can still have it in your head and savor some of the moments afterward, comment it with your friends, and eventually give it a new watch in a year or two. A good move from the filmmakers, and, in my opinion, the way to go for a platform like SIFY.

RATE: 6/10


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