Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It (aka Zhanym, ty ne poverish) (2020)

Sweetie, You Won't Believe It (aka Zhanym, ty ne poverish) (2020) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It (aka Zhanym, ty ne poverish)
Year: 2020
Country: Kazakhstan
Director: Yernar Nurgaliyev
Main cast: Daniar Alshinov, Yerkebulan Daiyrov, Rustem Zhaniyamanov, Asel Kaliyeva
Runtime: 84 minutes
Production company: Art Dealers

Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It (2020) is set up as a comedy. A married couple in their 30s is expecting the first child, she is 8 months pregnant and irritated by everything around her, and he has not assumed very well his new responsibility as a husband and an upcoming father, so he’s taking his frustration silently while the ball of swallowed anger is becoming bigger and bigger. And instead of it exploding and making him commit terrible acts, he decides to take the cowards path and run away with his pals (two irresponsible fuckups, of course) on a fishing weekend. That could be a very dramatic situation, but it is displayed in a tone of comedy. The same tone of ridiculous comedy that is impregnating the whole movie.

The problem for them –but good for us– is that the peaceful weekend out in nature turns into hell because they end up being chased by a group of low-life bumpkin mobsters and some supernatural old man with one eye. And, from here on, a cocktail of gore and absurd humor is served. Just imagine as if Adam Sandler made a hybrid between The Evil Dead (1981) and The Hills Have Eyes (1977) but in the Kazakh language and culture.

Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It (2020) has all the ingredients for a silly horror comedy. People passing out or throwing up when seeing a corpse, stupid accidents, even more stupid deaths, brainless conversations, and even some fart jokes.

The screenplay has a few surprising plot twists combined with the prototypical jokes we have seen millions of times in other movies. It is not the smartest but it has some genuine laughing moments. And the acting is histrionic and disproportionate, which can result funny at first but also exhausting after a while.

In a visual aspect, the direction by comedies filmmaker Yernar Nurgaliyev, stepping into horror for the first time in his career, is more focused on the comedic aspects than on building a solid film. But the gory sequences, spiced-up with some attractive special effects make the watch not to be so torturous.

Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It (2020) has achieved some awards and nominations in audience-based genre film festivals, which proves that in the right environment it can work. It is more of a party movie than a competent film, that is for sure. But without any expectations and just to have some fun with gore, amputations, dumb accidents, and silly deaths it can work fine.

RATE: 5/10

IMDB URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt13236334

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