The Murder Podcast (2021)

The Murder Podcast (2021) MOVIE DETAILS
Name: The Murder Podcast
Year: 2021
Country: USA
Director: William Bagley
Main cast: Andrew McDermott, Cooper Buch, Levi Burdick, Brian Emond, Logan Mariner, Scott Hawkins
Runtime: 92 minutes
Production company: Brodacious Films


Have you ever accepted a terrible idea that got you involved in several murders, conflict with the authorities, and paranormal events just because you were too hungover to discuss? Well, that’s exactly what The Murder Podcast (2021) is all about. Two lazy ramen-eater stoners are not getting enough audience with their Ramen Review podcast when they decide to change paths and hit the wave of the true-crime broadcasting to gain followers and sponsors. The investigation of a serial murder in their own town will lead to an hilarious series of bloody and pretty nasty events.

Fast-paced and action packed, blood reaches the river before minute 5, vomit before the quarter, and there are several absurd fights that come to blow before minute 45. Nevertheless, action is always on point making clear that director and screenwriter William Bagley knows exactly where to take you from the first minute.

The Murder Podcast (2021) works with well-known stereotypes and exploits them to their best. The main characters, the incompetent but self-absorbed and good-looking hero with some hardcore daddy issues that end up getting him into trouble and its funny, dummy sidekick are played hilariously by Andrew McDermott and Cooper Bucha as secondaries, an old butt-scratching and beer-drinking gamer that “obviously lives with his mom” (Jomaa Mohamad), the lonesome and rough but good-hearted police officer (Levi Burdick) and your weirdo affected mustache roommate (Brian Emond) work effectively for a classic combination of stoner buddy action comedy and horror parody.

The genre combination is already well-known and brings us back to those wild 90’s days. From the beginning to the end the audience knows what to expect from it. Pretty disgusting blood scenes, easy gags, fart jokes and people blowing their own heads up is nothing that William Bagley is repelled by. But Bagley manages to update it and even upgrade it by avoiding certain race and gender clichees that were surely better seen at its time than now, without the audience missing anything.

Further than that, and apart from stereotypes and the watch-for-fun spirit, the movie might seem completely shallow. However, it is not. Deep inside is a very well done ode to amateurism and unprofessionalism. By using the old and bigoted motto “get a real fucking job” as the leitmotiv the main characters have to continuously face, the movie underlines the importance of going against the flow, of making your own thing even if it’s set for failure or, like in this case, to some selected minor audiences. So, yes, go and follow your dreams even if you are a stoner in their 40’s living with their mother, cause It might end up being us fun as this movie!

But let’s better not get dramatic and come back to what I wanted to say. Indeed, that The Murder Podcast (2021) delivers exactly what promises. It might not be the most original, but it works just fine. Even if it might come 20 years too late, it still offers a comfy vibe, the perfect story for when you just need some blood, some laughs and to know what’s going to happen next. Fart jokes and no surprises for a stoner buddy comedy in all its splendor. Just grab some popcorn and a beer and have a good time!

RATE: 7/10