A horrifying legend comes to life in “As the Village Sleeps”

A horrifying legend comes to life in "As the Village Sleeps"

Have you played the Werewolves cards game? I have to admit haven’t, but I have plenty of friends who are into card games that they call this one as one of their favorites. And I thought this was an innocent and harmless cards game, as it seems the protagonists of As the Village Sleeps (2021) also thought, but apparently we were all wrong. Or at least in the movie they were.

Because As the Village Sleeps (2021) centers on a smart yet naive college girl who organizes a birthday celebration at her stepfather’s cabin, bringing together a volatile group of friends and family. While playing a mysterious party game, nightmares blend with reality, and the friends struggle to survive as the living game attacks and turns them against each other.

This is the new movie by Terry Spears, who is also the producer of the film. This is his fourth feature film after American Terror Story (2019), Hell’s Belle (2019), and Agent Jade Black (2020). This is the long-length adaptation of the short film While the Village Sleeps (2012), winner of Best International Screenplay at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in 2012. Chloë Bellande, the writer and director of the short film, has been the author of the screenplay for As the Village Sleeps (2021).

The main cast is formed by Chloe Caemmerer, Winnie Du, Mark Adam Goff, Michael Gum, Shiah Luna, Tyler Malinauskas, Daniel Olguin, Oliver Rotunno, Eleonora Saravalle, Kenzie Leigh Spears, Victoria Strange, and Rane Thomason.

As the Village Sleeps (2021) is available on digital platforms from 18 June 2021. Here you can watch its official trailer.