A preacher is against demonic unknown forces in “The Hopewell Haunting”

A preacher is against demonic unknown forces in "The Hopewell Haunting"

The Hopewell Haunting (2023) is a horror thriller centering on an elderly and jaded preacher who struggles to regain control of his life after a terrifying experience with the unknown.

In the movie, when a mysterious and frightened young couple arrives in the small town of Hopewell, they immediately flee their rural, dilapidated home in terror. With nowhere to go, they turn to an oldtimer preacher for help. After he begrudgingly agrees to bless their troubled abode, he finds himself face to face with the unknown in what locals have dubbed the most haunted house in Kentucky.

This is the debut feature film of the writer, producer, and director Dane Sears. It is a long-length format adaptation of his own short film of the same name.

According to the writer and director, the movie is actually inspired by a real haunting that his great-grandmother experienced circa 1919 in rural Harrison County, Kentucky.

Ted Ferguson, Timothy Morton, Audra Todd, Rich Williams, Jennifer Feldpausch, and Tom Morton form the main cast.

The Hopewell Haunting (2023) was part of the River’s Edge International Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Narrative Feature.

Dark Sky Films has the distribution rights for the movie and has scheduled it for a release on digital on June 13, 2023.

Watch the official trailer for The Hopewell Haunting (2023).