A rescue mission encounters a legendary monster in “Man vs Bigfoot”

A rescue mission encounters a legendary monster in "Man vs Bigfoot"

Films based on urban legends and mythological creatures populate every year many of the on-demand options. The woods are still fierce and unknown places for filmmakers, and creatures like the Bigfoot will never vanish from our agenda.

In Man vs Bigfoot (2021), after his brother goes missing on a hiking trail, Jack Rollins goes in search of him but in doing so, Jack soon finds himself in a game of cat and mouse with a creature thought only to be a legend.

David Ford is the writer, producer, director, and main star in the movie. This is his third film as a producer, writer, and director after Sense of Urgency (2017) and Something in the Woods (2015), in which he also starred.

The main cast is completed with Tracy Ray, Theresa Mills, Matt Williams, Bob Gimlin, Stuart Miller, and Jan Duncan Weir.

Man vs Bigfoot (2021) is available on Amazon Prime Video. Watch here its official trailer.

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