A time traveler gets trapped between the past and the future in “Norman”

A time traveler gets trapped between the past and the future in "Norman"

Set in the near future, Norman (2019) is a feature-length sci-fi film about a scientist who discovers time travel with the help of his A.I. companion.

After becoming trapped and isolated in the past, life both then and in the future seems lost. An unexpected encounter sparks hope, and with limited time and resources, Norman must find a way home before it’s too late. The product of a 7-year journey, Norman (2019) began as a simple idea and expanded well beyond what anyone involved imagined was possible.

That is the official plot description of the movie shared by the filmmakers. Norman (2019) has been written, produced, and directed by Joel Guelzo, which marks his feature film debut. James Banks, who already collaborated with the director in some short films, is also the co-writer of the screenplay and assistant director. The main cast is formed by Stephen Birge in the role of Norman and Melissa Crouterfield as his companion Jenny

The movie was part of a handful of international film festivals where it collected some nominations and winnings. Now, it is available on digital in several channels including iNDEMAND, DirecTV, VUDU, and Amazon, and on Blu-Ray. Here you can find its official trailer.

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