“Never Seen Again”: The danger for abduction is out there

"Never Seen Again": The danger for abduction is out there
Yvonne Bass and Kayli Brummer in Never Seen Again (2021). Photo © Devin K. Hansen

Never Seen Again (2021) is an independent crime thriller that deals with a subject that sadly is too familiar to some people. Abductions can happen anywhere, and sometimes the perpetrator is someone close to the family or the victim. The movie deals with the emotions and experiences of everyone involved in a kidnapping kind of crime, including the parents, abductor, victims, friends, family, community, and law enforcement.

In Never Seen Again (2021), two innocent women become the primary victims of kidnapper and psychopath Chris Matthews. For almost two months, he holds them captive in a small outdoor shed and his home. Hidden from out of plain sight, family, friends, and the FBI continue an ongoing search as the two women rely on each other to stay alive and escape their abusive captor.

This is the new movie written, produced, and directed by actor and filmmaker Devin K. Hansen after his debut feature film that deals with a similar subject, Stalker (2019), that was nominated at the Utah Film Awards for Best Feature Film and Best Director.

The main cast for the film is formed by Kayli Brummer, Tanya Price, Crystal Harris, Lenni Uitto, Kannika Coley, Meleane Kefi Maile, Bailey Heesch, Kamon Kersavage, and Jennica Anusua.

Never Seen Again (2021) had its Red Carpet premiere on November 8, 2021, and collected mostly positive reactions. Now we will have to wait for what distribution the film can get. In the meantime, watch here its second official trailer.

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