“The Nameless Days”: The Mexico-USA border hosts an even terrifying horror

"The Nameless Days": The Mexico-USA border hosts an even terrifying horror

For decades, the border of Mexico and the United States has been a spot where some of the most horrifying atrocities happen. People trying to flee from the horrors of their country are treated like merchandise, narcotics and human trafficking, corruption at many levels, and every now and then some patriotic vigilantes with too much free time and very little brains going on a personal hunt. But this is not the right place to talk and discuss politics or social issues, no matter how grave they are, here we gotta deal with something so banal and, at the same time, necessary, as entertainment. Let’s bring in the fictitious monsters, the ones we all like. Today let’s talk about The Nameless Days (2022).

In the movie, on the border between the United States and Mexico, once every 20 years, there are days that locals call timelessness. At this time the gods, to whom the ancient Mayan tribes made sacrifices, descend to earth to take human souls. And, as the movie trailer mentions, last year, 412 people attempting to cross the Mexican border were reported missing or dead.

This is the new work of the tandem of writer and directors Andrew Mecham and Matthew Whedon after their debut horror film Behind You (2020).

The cast for The Nameless Days (2022) is formed by Ally Ioannides, Charles Halford, Ambyr Mishelle, Trey Warner, Alejandro Akara, Ali Kinkade, Andrew Roach, Ashley Marian Ramos, and Jeff Dickamore.

The movie is already available on digital platforms. Watch the trailer for The Nameless Days (2022).