The very gory “Slumber Party Massacre” remake is out on SYFY

The very gory "Slumber Party Massacre" remake is out on SYFY

The Slumberparty Massacre (1982) is one of those early 1980s slashers that set the basics of the subgenre with a deranged man using all kinds of sharp instruments to murder in the most gruesome way a bunch of highly sexually active youngsters. The movie centered on a female high school student’s slumber party that turns into a bloodbath, as a newly escaped psychotic serial killer wielding a power drill prowls her neighborhood.

And as things are going lately, it was only a matter of time that the cult film had a remake. At least, this time, the pot idea and the taste for the dirty bloody slaying remains loyal to the original. The story in Slumber Party Massacre (2021) doesn’t differ much from the original. The same spirit adapted to the current times, but new flesh and lots of gore.

Danishka Esterhazy, a director whose latest film was horror-comedy The Banana Splits Movie (2019) and was also behind I Was Lorena Bobbitt (2020) and Level 16 (2018), has been in charge of directing the remake. Suzanne Keilly, writer of some episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead (2015–2018) and Dallas & Robo (2018), and also responsible for the screenplays of other SYFY features Killer High (2018) and Leprechaun Returns (2018), has been the writer of the script for Slumber Party Massacre (2021).

The main cast is formed by Hannah Gonera, Frances Sholto-Douglas, Mila Rayne, Alex McGregor, Reze-Tiana Wessels, Jennifer Steyn, and Schelaine Bennett against Rob van Vuuren.

The movie had its premiere at the Fantastic Fest on September 27, 2021, and on the SYFY network on October 16, 2021. Here you can watch the official promo trailer for Slumber Party Massacre (2021).

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