“The Waiting”: A hotel clerk against a haunted room

"The Waiting": A hotel clerk against a haunted room

No gore but a good handful of frights, a supernatural romance, and a generous dosage of humor. That is what you will find in the mystery ghost story The Waiting (2020).

The movie centers on a young man named Eric Brady who is eager to start a new job at an older hotel. Eric soon finds out one of the rooms is haunted and is affecting the reputation and sales of the hotel. In his attempt to help save his new job, he gathers the courage to attempt removing the ghost. But then both the ghost and Eric realized that there was something deeper connecting both of them.

The Waiting (2020) is the new movie from awards-winner writer and director F.C. Rabbath, known for a long list of short films and the movies Listen (2013), Scarlet’s Witch (2014), The Hum (2015), Watch Over Us (2015), The Movie Extra (2015), Lady Luck (2018), and A Brilliant Monster (2018). Nick Leali, Molly Ratermann, Emalie Noelani, Michelle Feliciano, Tatiana Warden, David Raizor, Larry Kastner, Tiffany Underwood, Maxine Beck, and Hayley Haas form the main cast.

After being present in a few film festivals, the movie is scheduled for a release in December 2020. Here you can watch the official trailer for The Waiting (2020).

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