[Trailer] Take a look at “Underneath: An Anthology of Terror”

[Trailer] Take a look at "Underneath: An Anthology of Terror"

Underneath: An Anthology of Terror is an upcoming anthology in the tradition of Creepshow, the original short stories compilation conducted by The Creep that built a horde of fans with Creepshow (1982), its sequel Creepshow 2 (1987), and its new Shudder spawn Creepshow (2019–). It is comprised of five chapters, an epilogue, and several mind-bending vignettes that are all bound together by something unnatural and sinister.

The anthology has been created by John Nicol, responsible for the dark thriller Channel Zero (2015). The movie’s parts are:

  • BREACH (the vignette sequence), written and directed by John Nicol: An unstable individual is convinced that ominous cracks in his basement may in fact be a breach into Hell itself… Is he in direct communication with demons, or has he opened a portal into their realm of terror? Poisoned by the revelation of five tales, he succumbs to the mental strain on his increasingly damaged mind.
  • CHAPTER #1: 6 AM, written and directed by John Nicol: A family man is running out of medication that keeps his otherworldly visions at bay. Day by day, visions of murder and demonic possession take hold as Daniel succumbs to a maddening revelation.
  • CHAPTER #2: MS. SHAPEN, written and directed by Andre Becker: A seemingly normal television set transmits the haunted memories of a killer.
  • CHAPTER #3: PASSAGES, written and directed by John Nicol: A has-been writer discovers that passages in his writing can cause intense visions of madness…and that he can inflict the visions upon others, and himself.”
  • CHAPTER #4: CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW, written by John Nicol, directed by Cory Ivanchuk: An experimental blast of demonic madness as seen through the eyes of those possessed.
  • CHAPTER #5: I CAN CHANGE, written and directed by Andre Becker: A deranged young man is convinced he can transform into a demonic creature.
  • EPILOGUE: ENTROPY, written and directed by John Nicol: Another experimental entry that wraps up the entire anthology–a haunting piece that seals the experience.

According to an interview of filmmaker John Nicol with Rue Morgue, “The vignettes have a semi-linear narrative structure designed to lure the viewer into the next installment. The theme at play throughout the entire piece is simple: an unnatural or otherworldly influence, whether literal or metaphoric. The influence of demons on our domain, our sanity–or insanity”.

Brent Baird, Nicholas Koy Santillo, Andrew Baptiste, Carole Malone, John Nicol, Brandon Schamerhorn, Rebecca Kilburn, Maria-Crystal Melo, Nicole Kawalez, Mike McMurran, Vada Callisto, and Annette Wozniak are part of the main cast.

Underneath: An Anthology of Terror is currently making its way around the festival circuit. Also, the filmmakers are in the pre-production steps for the sequel and have set up an Indiegogo page to help finance it. You can visit the campaign site here, and the full Rue Morgue article here.

Watch the official trailer for Underneath: An Anthology of Terror here.

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