Visitors from outer space: Check out “The Thing Inside Us” and “White Sky”

Visitors from outer space: Check out "The Thing Inside Us" and "White Sky"

Alien invasions, creatures we have never seen that come to visit us either to exterminate us, use us like cattle, or to share their infinite knowledge about the universe. Or, maybe, even only for some fun; fun for them, not so fun for us. Anyway, it’s exciting! I wish that could happen in real life! But, meanwhile, we gotta conform with fiction movies about the subject. Let’s check out The Thing Inside Us (2021) and White Sky (2021).

The Thing Inside Us (2021) tells the story of Daniel and Shelly, who have lost everything to the LV pandemic that has currently engulfed the world. Most show no symptoms of the disease, but Daniel barely survived the infection. Shelly seems fine except for a strange case of sleepwalking. The doctors can’t help her, so Daniel decides to document his wife’s illness for evidence. What he finds could not only destroy his relationship but the world itself.

Christine Tonry, Chad Graham, Ruben Juarbe, and Escalante Lundy star. Paul Catalanotto is the writer, producer, and director. He is known for the horror films Proof of the Devil (2015), Sacrilege (2017), and the anthology Horror Nights (2020).

Here you can watch the trailer for The Thing Inside Us (2021).

In White Sky (2021), a strange alien invasion strands a trio of campers in a distant forest where they attempt to survive and hide.

Adam Wilson, known for the thriller Crawl to Me Darling (2020), has directed with a screenplay by Philip Daay, the writer of Left in Darkness (2006), Abduct (2016), Crystal’s Shadow (2019), and Alone (2020). Ade Dimberline, Natalie Martins, Makenna Guyler, Malcolm Winter, Danielle Shurey, Monika Gergelova, Annabelle Mackinnon-Austin, and Nicole Katherine Riddell form the main cast.

Here you can watch the trailer for White Sky (2021).

Both films have been released on digital this October.