We haven’t seen it all yet on wild animals on drugs. Welcome the “Cocaine Shark”

We haven't seen it all yet on wild animals on drugs. Welcome the "Cocaine Shark"

The unexpected but exciting success achieved by Elizabeth Banks’ action and horror-comedy Cocaine Bear (2023) has opened the door to a new hype of films surrounding drug-fueled wild animals causing all kinds of havoc. If The Asylum is in development of Attack of the Meth Gator (2023), expected in May this year, now it’s the turn for Mark Polonia and his Cocaine Shark (2023).

In the movie, a mafia drug lord has unleashed a new highly addictive stimulant on the streets called HT25, derived from sharks held captive in a secret lab, and which causes monstrous side effects. After an explosion and leak at the lab, an army of mutated, bloodthirsty sharks and other creatures are set loose on the world as a small band of people try to stop the carnage.

Mark Polonia, known for being behind a wide collection of b-horror titles including Razorteeth (2005), Jurassic Prey (2015), Sharkenstein (2016), Amityville Island (2020), Shark Encounters of the Third Kind (2020), Dune World (2021), Sharkula (2022), or Amityville in Space (2022), is directing and producing Cocaine Shark (2023). Bando Glutz has been the writer of the screenplay.

The main cast is formed by Samantha Coolidge, Ryan Dalton, Natalie Himmelberger, Titus Himmelberger, and Noyes J. Lawton.

Polonia Brothers Entertainment is producing and Wild Eye Releasing will be in charge of the distribution. The movie is expected for a digital and DVD release on July 7, 2023.

Watch the official trailer for Cocaine Shark (2023).